Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Max Weber – Ideal Types

Description: The video explains Max Weber’s theory on the five characteristics of an ideal bureaucracy and how the concept of an “Ideal Type” is reflected in formal organizations.

Video 2: Gender Inequality in the Workplace as a Social Problem

Description: This video explores gender inequality in the workplace by examining statistics of how many women make up the workforce and fill managerial roles, gender wage gap between men and women of various races, women with children and women without, correlation between education and salary, and more.

Video 3: Ferdinand Tonnies and Talcott Parsons

Description: An explanation of what the gemeinschaft (translated as community) and gesellschaft (translated as society) theories are and the influence on Talcott Parsons on these concepts. The video provides a detailed description of how gemeinschaft and gesellschaft societies function.

Video 4: Vlog #29 - Nations, States, & Nation States

Description: The video defines geopolitical and social realities of being defined as a nation-state.