Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Functionalist View Of The Role Of Education

Description: The video presents an elementary overview of the role of education in the United States from a functionalist perspective.

Video 2:  Seven Classic Theories of Religion - Emile Durkheim, totemism

Description: The lecture given by Dr. Dale Tuggy clarifies Emile Durkheim’s theories on religion and how religion has developed into a complex social phenomenon.


Audio 1: Boosting Education For Babies And Their Parents

Description: Harlem Children's Zone has a program called The Baby College, which is geared towards expectant parents and parents with children under the age of three. It aims to educate parents and children in impoverished neighborhoods and provides young children with educational materials to support early learning.

Audio 2: A Wedding And A Challenge: Lebanese Couples Fight For Civil Marriage

Description: The audio discusses the problem a couple of mixed faith faced when they decided to get married in a country that is ruled by 18 different religious organizations, where each one has its own rules and regulations that controls every aspect of an individual’s life. The couple discusses their struggle to have a civil, rather than religious, marriage ceremony in Lebanon, even though the country is ruled by a secular regime.