Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Birth Rates are Lower than Ever

Description: The Fresh Outlook panelists discuss what they think is contributing to the lower birthrate in United States.

Video 2: Megacities Reflect Growing Urbanization Trend

Description: The PBS video discusses global megacities and the problems the poorest regions in the world face from population expansion. The report concentrates on one of the largest megacities in Bangladesh, where more than 15 million people reside. In the video, Bangladesh is used as an example of what is expected to happen in other countries as more people leave rural areas for cities.

Video 3: Environmental Sociology in 5 Minutes

Description: The video defines environmental sociology and explains major sociological theories on the environment, such as Neo-Mathuaianism, Neo Ecological Paradigm, New Marxism, Ecological Modernization, and Social Construction of Nature.


Audio 1: School For Husbands Gets Men To Talk About Family Size

Description: The School for Husbands program was launched by the United Nations and the Ministry of Health in the West African nation of Niger, the country with the highest birthrate in the world where most families have seven children on average. The audio discusses the program’s aim to promote the benefits of family planning to men.