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Audio 4.1: As D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier Steps Down, A Look At Women's Role In Policing
For a decade, Police Chief Cathy Lanier served as a white woman in majority-black Washington, D.C. As she heads for a new post at the NFL, we consider the impact women have had in policing culture.

Audio 4.2: In The Digital Age, Connecticut State Police K-9 Unit Trains Edogs
Description: For years police have used dogs like German Shepherds to sniff out things a human officer might miss. As more evidence goes digital, officers are training K-9s to sniff out clues there, too.

Video 4.1: Drug War

Video 4.2: Police diversity lags in many cities
Description:  A USA TODAY investigation finds that in 50 medium-to-large cities in the U.S., the community's diversity is not reflected in its police force. Hear what police chiefs and city leaders think needs to be done to change that.

Web 4.1: Why are British police officers called “Bobbies”?
Description: A brief overview of the reason why British police officers were referred to as bobbies.

Web 4.2: Remembering August Vollmer
Description: A look back at August Vollmer, who was credited with moderning American policing.