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LO 12-1

Stress Among Correctional Officers

Abstract: Studies have described the stressful and hazardous nature of working within the correctional environment as well as the way in which female officers encounter additional workplace pressures associated with their entry into a nontraditional occupation. This study advances the literature on gender and stress by examining the gendered influence of multiple environmental variables on the job stress of correctional officers. Contrary to expectations, there were few differences between male and female officers in the effects of workplace stressors on their level of job stress. Work-family conflict proved to have the greatest impact on stress for both male and female officers, whereas concerns regarding organizational support for equal treatment policies affected stress only among male officers.


LO 12-2

Treatment of Elderly in Prison

Abstract: An increase in the number of older and elderly inmates in the prison system has sparked controversy regarding current procedures and programs as well as possible solutions. Preservation of human and constitutional rights while maintaining appropriate punishment under the same Constitution and increased fiscal expenditures has called into question whether the correctional system is the correct setting for older and elderly inmates. The changing population in prisons has led to an increase in medical care expenses, causing some states to implement early release programs or to build separate facilities for the geriatric population. Statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Prisons in conjunction with empirical studies create a foundation that allows for a comprehensive survey of the problems, current protocols, and prospective practices.