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Audio 5.1: New NYPD Commissioner Led Shift Toward 'Community Policing'
Description: Incoming NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill takes the job at a challenging time for American policing. O'Neill is a 33-year-old police veteran who's overseen the department's shift toward a "community policing" model. NPR went to the Bronx, where O'Neill once served as commanding officer, to find out how the rollout is working.

Audio 5.2: Publicizing Use-Of-Force Videos Included In Chicago-Area Sherriff's Reforms
Description: NPR's Scott Simon asks Cook County's Sheriff Tom Dart about his new reforms, including publicly posting videos in cases where officers have been convicted of using excessive force against detainees.

Video 5.1: I love being a police officer, but we need reform
Description: We've invested so much in police departments as protectors that we have forgotten what it means to serve our communities, says Baltimore Police officer Lt. Colonel Melvin Russell. It's led to coldness and callousness, and it's dehumanized the police force. After taking over as district commander in one of Baltimore's toughest neighborhoods, Russell instituted a series of reforms aimed at winning back the trust of the community and lowering the violent crime rate. "Law enforcement is in a crisis," he says. "But it's not too late for all of us to build our cities and nation to make it great again."

Video 5.2: Crime Theory

Video 5.3: CompStat: An Inside Look at the NYPD's Crime Fighting Tool
Description: CompStat, the crime fighting tool that helped turn New York into America's safest big city, requires police officers to question not just suspects but each other.

Web 5.1: Department of Justice Organization, Mission, and Functions Manual
Description: Department of Justice Website

Web 5.2: Police Culture
Description: Articles discusses police culture and whether it still exists