Multimedia Resources

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Audio 9.1: Judge Allows Criminal Case Against Bill Cosby To Proceed
Description: A Pennsylvania judge ruled Wednesday that comedian Bill Cosby can be forced to stand trial on criminal charges that he allegedly drugged a woman and sexually assaulted her.

Audio 9.2: Brock Turner's Sentencing Revives Mandatory Minimums Debate
Description: The effectiveness of mandatory minimums is up for debate. NPR's Scott Simon talks to retired federal judge and Harvard Law professor Nancy Gertner about the topic.

Video 9.1: Capital Trial
Description: Testimony begins in capital murder trial for Portland park shootings.

Video 9.2: Victim Impact Statements
Description: Video of Victim Impact Statements.

Web 9.1: California’s New Three-Strikes Law: Benefits, Costs, and Alternatives
Description: RAND article that discusses the benefits, costs, and alternatives to the three-strikes law.

Web 9.2: Costs of the Death Penalty
Description: The Death Penalty Information Center website page that discusses the costs of the death penalty.