Multimedia Resources

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Audio 10.1: Juvenile Probation
Description: Probation with a Therapeutic Approach Keeps Kids Out Of Juvenile Hall

Audio 10.2: Electronic Monitoring Devices
Description: Measures Aimed At Keeping People Out Of Jail Punish The Poor

Video 10.1: Special Courts
Description: For veterans in legal trouble, special courts can help

Video 10.2: The Neuroscience of Restorative Justice
Description: Daniel Reisel studies the brains of criminal psychopaths (and mice). And he asks a big question: Instead of warehousing these criminals, shouldn't we be using what we know about the brain to help them rehabilitate? Put another way: If the brain can grow new neural pathways after an injury ... could we help the brain re-grow morality?

Web 10.1: Domestic Violence Courts
Description: The National Institute of Justice Domestic Violence Courts page

Web 10.2: Net Widening
Description: Restorative Justice net Widening page

Web 10.3: Crime Victim' Rights Act
Description: United States of Department of Justice Crime Victims' Rights Act