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Audio 1.1: Rising Incarceration Rate Isn't Reducing Crime, Says Report
Description: A report from the Council of Economic Advisors suggests longer sentences increases rates of recidivism, resulting in little impact on crime rate. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with CEA chief Jason Furman.

Audio 1.2: Despite Grim Media Reports, Crime Rates Are Actually Down In The U.S.
Description: NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Matthew Friedman, an economist at the Brennan Center and co-author of this report, about why crime is down and why murder rates are slightly up.

Video 1.1: The True Cost of Incarceration in Baltimore's Poorest Neighborhoods
Description: TRNN's Stephen Janis talks to Justice Policy Institute Executive Director Marc Schindler about how Maryland spends millions incarcerating residents of inner city neighborhoods.

Video 1.2: Everyday Cybercrime
Description: James Lyne reminds us that it's not only the NSA that's watching us, but ever-more-sophisticated cybercriminals, who exploit both weak code and trusting human nature.

Web 1.1: Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
Description: Website for the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Web 1.2: Restorative Justice
Description: Website for Restorative Justice