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LO 6-1

Probable Cause

Abstract: The U.S. Supreme Court has previously rendered only three opinions regarding the use of drug-detecting dogs in formulating probable cause leading to a search. Yet, in their 2012–2013 term, they published two decisions on the constitutionality of using drug detection dogs, establishing probable cause, and performing searches. This article provides an assessment of the Court’s decisions in Florida v. Harris (2013) and Florida v. Jardines (2013) and addresses the implications of these decisions.


LO 6-2

Interrogation Technique

Abstract: Interrogations are an integral part of police practices and investigations. Yet, little is known about the endorsement of the techniques involved with interrogations. In two collection efforts, participants completed questionnaires about interrogations and individual difference measures. Three distinct groups were compared including current law enforcement officers, criminal justice and psychology undergraduate students who intended to enter law enforcement, and students who did not intend to do so. Results suggested that current law enforcement officers favored the use of “passive” interrogation techniques, more so than the student groups. The endorsement of “aggressive” interrogation techniques was minimal for all groups.