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Audio 6.1: Police Union President: 'Officers Aren't Perfect' But Deserve Due Process
Description: NPR's Audie Cornish talks with Chuck Canterbury, the national president of the Fraternal Order of Police, about changing law enforcement and the rioting in Baltimore.

Audio 6.2: Need A Public Defender In New Orleans? Get In Line
Description: Discussion of New Orleans where some defendants, especially poor people arrested for major crimes, are going without legal representation. Public defenders say there are not enough lawyers or enough money to handle the caseload. So now there's a waiting list for felony suspects who can't afford their own warriors and a class-action lawsuit over the problem.

Video 6.1: Stop and Frisk
Description: Huge drop in stop-and-frisk as NYC crime increases raises fear that cops are reluctant to confront criminals

Video 6.2: Arrest Warrant
Description: Arrest warrants issued for Jill Stein, running mate after N.D. protest

Web 6.1: Supreme Court
Description: U.S. Supreme Court website

Web 6.2: Exclusionary Rule
Description: Opinion analysis: The exclusionary rule is weakened but it still lives