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Audio 12.1: Solitary Confinement
Description: White House Adviser On 'Devastating Consequence' Of Solitary Confinement

Audio 12.2: Prison Gangs
Description: Members of white supremacist prison gangs are among the suspects in the killings of law enforcement officials in Texas and Colorado, putting a spotlight on the organization and other prison gangs.

Audio 12.3: Prison Rape
Description: Prison Rape Law A Decade Old, But Most States Not In Compliance

Video 12.1: Torment of Solitary Confinement
Description: Inmates in Pelican Bay State Prison’s Security Housing Unit (SHU) spend 22.5 hours of the day in a windowless cell—it is one of the most notorious supermax prisons in the United States. In this short documentary, Our Voices Are Rarely Heard, the filmmakers Cali Bondad and Gabrielle Canon recorded inmates’ experiences in the facility. The film aims to provide “a cinematic glimpse of the personal anguish and monotony described by inmates living in long-term isolation.”

Video 12.2: Prisoner Reentry
Description: Obama previews new criminal justice reforms on prisoner re-entry

Web 12.1: Deprivation in Prison
Description: Prisoners Allege Claims of Deprivation, Physical and Sexual Abuse

Web 12.2: Prisoners' Rights
Description: ACLU webpage on Prisoners' Rights