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Audio 7.1: Superior Court
Description: A sweeping ruling from a superior court judge in Connecticut could mean historic changes for the state's schools, including how it funds its poorest districts.

Audio 7.2: Court Delays
Description: Public defenders in the Bronx filed a lawsuit Tuesday against lawmakers in New York. They charge that courts are chronically understaffed, jeopardizing the right to a speedy trial for many defendants.

Video 7.1: Cosby Court Delay Rejected
Description: Bill Cosby has lost a bid to delay a key hearing Tuesday in his criminal sex-assault case.

Video 7.2: Drug Court
Description: Former heroin addict thanks Drug Court program for saving his life.

Web 7.1: About the Supreme Court
Description: Overview of the Supreme Court

Web 7.2: State Court Structure Charts
Description: Website for the State Court Statistics Project