Chapter 9


1. A general accepted definition of change is to cause something to be _________ or to move from one state to another.

Answer: different

2. All nurses must act as ____________ and provide leadership through quality improvement and service development to enhance people’s wellbeing and experiences of healthcare.

Answer: change agents

3. All nurses must systematically evaluate care and ensure that they and others use the findings to help __________people’s experience and care outcomes and to shape future services.

Answer: improve

4. All nurses must be self-aware and recognise how their own values, principles and _________may affect their practice.

Answer: assumptions

5. All nurses must appreciate the value of _________ in practice.

Answer: evidence

6. Since its earliest days, the NHS has been characterised by almost constant___________.

 Answer: change

7. The Health and Social Care Act (2012) legislated for NHS _____________and reform of the structure and systems.

Answer: modernisation

8. The overall objective of the changes within the Health and Social Care Act (2012) is to improve the ________quality of services and patient outcomes.

Answer: quality

9. Nurses are in the best position for identifying the need for and __________forward change.

Answer: driving

10. For student nurses making sense of the___________ is not without its challenges. 

Answer: NHS change model

11. The central component (“our  shared purpose”)  of the NHS change model  can be applied to the ________________. 

Answer:  strategy for nursing

12. The Clinical Leadership Competency Framework (provides a framework for student nurses to develop leadership _____________at every stages of their professional journey. 

Answer: Competence

13. The concept of shared leadership can be aligned to student nurses professional values bases and ethical standards and personal responsibility and accountability for the delivery of __________care.

Answer: compassionate

14. Leading innovative change for student nurses is not necessarily about radically_________ services.

Answer: redesigning

15. Student nurses  need to ensure that the delivery of change is rigorous and that methods for measuring improvement are ___________

Answer: transparent