Chapter 10


1. Lord Darzi stated that high quality care in the NHS is achieved if it is safe, effective and provides a _________ ___________ __________. 

Answer: positive patient experience

2. Effective healthcare must be based on __________ if it is to deliver improved outcomes for clients and patients. 

Answer: evidence

3. Clinical Governance is about doing the _____ thing, at the _____ time, by the _____ person. 

Answer: right

4. Efficient  healthcare requires maximum use of __________. 

Answer: resources

5. Accessible healthcare must be both _______ and within a reasonable __________. 

Answer: timely, distance

6. Patient-centred health care must take into account service users _________ and their _______. 

Answer: preferences, culture

7. Equitable healthcare ensures that the _______ delivered is the same regardless of personal characteristics such as gender, race, ethnicity, geographical location, or socioeconomic status. 

Answer: quality

8. Safe health care minimizes both _____ and _____to service users. 

Answer: risks, harm

9. The most common reason for failures in healthcare are a focus on _________ rather than on quality. 

Answer: finances

10. Clinical audit reviews care against explicit _______  to improve patient outcomes. 

Answer: criteria

11. The involvement of service users and the public to improve health care services is known as _______ _____ _________ _________. 

Answer: Patient and Public Involvement

12. The focus of risk management is on ______ practice. 

Answer: safe 

13. To achieve clinical effectiveness __________, ____________ and National Service Frameworks are used to ensure care is based on the best evidence. 

Answer: standards, protocols

14. As a student you should never undertake activities that are outside your level of ________ . 

Answer: competence

15. Record keeping must be both accurate and _______. 

Answer: factual