Listen to Catherine Delves-Yates discuss top tips on applying theory to practice, going on placement and more.

Applying theory is one of the most hands on aspects of your learning journey.  To help with this you can:

  • Read or listen to podcasts from real students, patients and nurses about their experiences apply theory to practice. 
  • Additional case studies featuring patients and nurses across all fields of nursing and in a variety of settings further highlight nursing concepts in the real world.
  • Videos of key skills and selected concepts highlight what you need to know about everything from understanding different body systems, to what you need to know and show about different care settings and patient considerations
  • Clinical Skills videos created by contributors Wendy Wright and Fiona Everett for UWS walk you step by step through:
    • Administration of medicine
    • Blood pressure
    • Handwashing
    • Temperature and respiration

Extracts from the following books are also available to help you apply theory to practice. Click on preview to read select chapters of these titles to support your learning journey.