Chapter 11


1. A crucial way of finding out what is the best practice for a clinical situation is to discover what has been _______ about it in the __________.

Answer: Written/Literature

2.  CINAHL stands for Cumulative Index of N_______ and A_____ Health _________. 

Answer: Nursing  Allied  Literature

3.  B___________ allow the standard of care to be measured. 

Answer: Benchmarks

4.  Compassion in Practice (2012) focuses on the __C’s.  

Answer: 6 

5. As a student you will be supported and supervised in the clinical area by a _________.

 Answer: Mentor

6.  The ___________ and ____________ ____________ has an important role to play in setting standards for educational programs and in the regulation of the nursing profession. 

Answer: Nursing and Midwifery Council

7.  As a student nurse it is important that you work within the _____________ of your ____________. 

Answer: Limitations   competence

8.  The 6 C’s in practice are C____, C________, C__________, C_________, C__________ and C_________.  

Answer: Care, Compassion, Confidence, Communication, Courage and Commitment.

9.  When gaining consent you must take into consideration the _____ of the patient and their _________ _________.  

Answer: Age/   Mental Capacity

10.  ____________ ___________ and control are one of the essential skills clusters.  

Answer: Infection Prevention

11.  As a student nurse it is extremely important that you work within the _____________ of your competence and do not undertake any aspect of care that you are not qualified to carry out.  

Answer: Limitations

12.  NICE – National Institute for ________ and ____ ____________. 

Answer: Health /  Care Excellence

13.  NICE quality standards enable health and social care professionals and public health professionals to make decisions about care based on the latest ________ and best _______. 

Answer: Evidence/Practice

14.  SIGN – Scottish Intercollegiate ____________ Network.  

Answer: Guidelines

15. The __________ ___ _________ _______ is a statutory body which was established in 2002 by the parliament of the United Kingdom.  

Answer: Nursing and Midwifery Council