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We know not everyone learns in the same way or begins their studies with the same level of understanding. That is why the student SAGE Edge resources for this book have been split into four different areas to help aid you how and where you need it most. You can choose between reading through real voices from actual patients, taking a quiz or watching a video.

Depending on where you are in your studies, just click on:

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Complete the online action plan for this chapter. It includes tips and feedback on your progress and allows you to individualize your learning experience.

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FREE Interactive eBook

Did you know that Essentials of Nursing Practice also comes with FREE 24 month access to an interactive eBook?

How it works. A unique code on the inside front cover of this book gives access to an online version of the text on VitalSource Bookshelf® and allows you to access the book from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can make notes and highlights which will automatically sync across all your devices.

Essential Clinical Skills for Nurses

Essential Clinical Skills for Nurses: Step by Step

“This book is an essential guide to clinical skills not only for 1st year students, but as a reference guide to any nursing student.” Lucy Burns, Year 1 Adult Nursing Student, University of Western Scotland

"When I have to do a certain skill, and am not sure what is the correct way, this book reassures me of how to go about it in the right way" –Frances Young, 3rd year Adult Nursing Student, Kingston