Chapter 12

 The following questions have been authored by Orla McAlinden.

1. Complete the following :

S= situation

B= background

A= assessment


Answer: recommendation 

2. A model is a _________

Answer:  Framework

3. What is missing from the Core Concepts below?



C. ______?


Answer:  Health 

4. Models need to be used with tools but neither of these will guarantee or create _________ in nursing care

Answer: Excellence 

5. Understanding the philosophy and ________ of nursing will help you to understand the actions you need to undertake to ensure excellence in nursing care 

Answer: Theory 

6. Reflection is an Activity of Daily Living ? True or False?

Answer: False

7. A definition of health was famously given in 1946  by _________ ?

Answer: W.H.O. 

8. ________  care is consideration about physical, social, emotional, economic and spiritual needs 

Answer: Holistic 

9. Probably the best recognised Model of Nursing in the UK is ________

Answer: Roper Tierney and Logan 

10.The best nursing care moves from a _______ viewpoint to a holistic viewpoint 

Answer: Medical 

11. The use of Models and Theories include not just the patient but also their ______

Answer: Family 

12. The context of care is important. This means consideration of the patient at home as well as in a ________ setting 

Answer: Hospital  

13.  Real life _________  can help illustrate the benefits of effective use of models , theories and assessment Tools 

Answer: Case-studies 

14. The __________ in which nursing takes place can influence what and where the care may be 

Answer:  Environment 

15. Models and processes can be used in all ______ of nursing 

Answer: Areas