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Javed Bahri critically assesses the effectiveness and failures of Western gender-focused policies in Afghanistan.  Patricia Bibes assesses political violence emanating from Colombia’s multifaceted political groupings.  Delgado-Ramos and Silvina examine how U.S. administrations have focused on issues such as security and the fight against narco-insurgency and terrorism.

Bahri, Javed.  “Western Gender Policies in Afthanistan: Failing Women and Provoking Men.”  In Gender, Technology, and Development, 18:2 (2014).

Bibes, Patricia.  “Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorism: Colombia, a Case Study.”  In Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 17:3 (August 2001).

Delgado-Ramos, Gian Carlo and Silvina, Maria Romano.  “Political-Economic Factors in U.S. Foreign Policy: The Colombia Plan, the Merida Initiative, and the Obama Administration.”  In Latin American Perspectives, vol. 38 (July 2011).