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Keiran Hardy investigates the concept of resilience within the context of the UK’s national strategy for countering terrorism.  Harlow reviews literature discussing the propriety of extraordinary renditions.  Gabbidon, Penn, Jordan and Higgins explore the problem of racial profiling at airports from the perspective of perceptions by demographic populations.  Specifically, comparison data are presented for perceptions by African Americans, whites, and Latinos.  Neil Macmaster discusses the recent debate about torture within the context of lessons learned in France from the use of torture during the war in Algeria.  Malka and Soto examine the thesis that religiosity has conflicting influences on Americans' attitudes about the use of torture on terrorism suspects.  Laurie Manwell investigates how individuals are manipulated by the media and government into forfeiting their civil protections.  The author reviews cognitive constructs which inhibit the ability of people to process information which challenges their preexisting conclusions.  Kathleen Moore discusses pluralism in the United States within the experiential context of Muslims in America.  Murray critiques the Obama administration’s prosecution of the ‘war on terror’ from a constitutional perspective.  Nahaie and de Lint Explore surveillance in the United States and Canada within the context of data derived from surveys conducted in both countries.  Alberto Rocha, an inmate in Calipatria State Prison in California, equates the domestic “war on gangs” with the “war on terrorism.”  Sturkin examines how the U.S. practice of torture is mediated in American culture.  In Thorne and Kouzmin’s article, a comparative examination is made of the UK, EU, United States, and Australia’s anti-terrorism legislation.  The discussion is presented within the context of “state crimes against democracy” and the “politics of fear.”  Michael Walzer explores the application of standards of operations for special operations forces.  Wheeler’s article examines moral theories that are available for analyzing the deaths of innocents in the war against terrorism.  Wilke explores the designation of prisoners as enemy combatants within the context of assuring that justice is upheld.

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