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Stephen Chan interprets and discusses the theoretical writings of Frantz Fanon and links his theories to modern suicide bombings.  Howard explains the importance of discovering the history of political thought.  Brian Levin discusses the origin and current state of Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism in the United States.  An ideological perspective of 9/11—in this case, a Marxist perspective—is offered by Peter McLaren.  Cas Mudde’s article is a comparative analysis of rightist racial extremism in Europe.  Sela-Sayovitz examines social discourse among policymakers, the press and pressure groups after the emergence of a neo-Nazi gang in Israel.  Steve VanderHeiden explores the case for classifying attacks against inanimate targets—often practiced by ecological extremists—as acts of terrorism.  Meredith Watts’ article examines xenophobic and neo-fascist tendencies within German youth cultures.

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