Web Resources and Exercises

Recommended Websites:

The following websites provide links to dissident revolutionary organizations, movements, and information:

Foreign Terrorist Organizations:

Irish Northern Aid (Noraid):

Naval Postgraduate School (Terrorist Group Profiles):

PLO Negotiations Affairs Department (NAD):

Web Exercises:

Using this chapter’s recommended websites, conduct an online investigation of dissident terrorism.

  • 1. How would you describe the self-images presented by dissident movements?
  • 2. Based on the information given by the monitoring organizations, are some dissident movements seemingly more threatening than others? Less threatening? Why?
  • 3. Compare the dissident websites to the monitoring agencies’ sites. Are any of the dissident groups unfairly reported by the monitoring agencies?

For an online search of dissident terrorism, readers should activate the search engine on their Web browser and enter the following keywords:

  • “Revolutionary Movements”   “Terrorist Organizations (or Groups)”  The names of specific dissident organizations