Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: What the US Gets Wrong About Minimum Wage
Description: An overview of minimum wage laws across the United States and the arguments for and against raising it.

Video 2: What People Miss About the Gender Wage Gap
Description: An exploration of the gender wage gap and aspects of it that are often left out of analyses.

Video 3: Community Organizing
Description: A collection of videos through PBS that discuss community organizing of the Civil Rights movement.

Audio 1: In This Town, You Apply for a Job and You Get It
Description: NPR’s Jim Zarroli explores the job market in Ames, Iowa, which has the lowest unemployment rate in the United States.

Web 1: “Unions for All”: The New Plan to Save the American Labor Movement
Description: A detailed look at the current status of labor unions in the United States and a discussion on how “sectoral bargaining” could revive the movement.

Web 2: The Narrowing, But Persistent, Gender Gap in Pay
Description: Data on the gender pay gap and the factors contributing to its persistence.