Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Meet Vicky
Description: Reporting on the challenges that many older adults in poverty face demonstrated through the telling of a personal story.

Audio 1: Governments Struggle to Find a Way to Pay Retirement Pension Bills
Description: NPR’s Andrew Schneider explores the financial challenges many local governments face in paying out retirement benefits.

Audio 2: Social Insecurity
Description: NPR’s Planet Money team discusses potential solutions to the financial challenges facing Social Security.

Audio 3: Health Workers Still Aren't Alerting Police About Likely Elder Abuse, Reports Find
Description: NPR’s Ina Jaffe explores reporting into Medicare claims related to medical treatment for incidents of elder abuse.

Audio 4: My Lobotomy
Description: This podcast contains a first-person account of someone who received a lobotomy.

Web 1: When Millions Can’t Afford to Retire, the U.S. Needs a Better Option
Description: An exploration of how a public retirement option could help solve the retirement crisis.