Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: All Student Debt in the US, Visualized
Description: An overview of college enrollment trends over time and a visual representation of college debt data.

Audio 1: If 'Free College' Sounds Too Good to Be True, That's Because It Often Is
Description: NPR’s Cory Turner discusses “free college” programs across the United States and the potential hidden costs.

Web 1: Asians Are Being Used to Make the Case Against Affirmative Action. Again.
Description: A detailed look at how conservatives have tried and continue to try to dismantle affirmative action by arguing that it penalizes Asian Americans.

Web 2: How Colleges Can Help Sexual Assault Survivors — And the Accused
Description: An exploration of the impact of the Trump administration rolling back the Obama administration’s policies on sexual assault as well as potential solutions to address the issue.

Web 3: Education Bill Database
Description: This website, which is mentioned in the feature “Advocacy: Campus Gun Policies” allows you to search for education bills. By searching “Postsecondary-Campus Safety,” you can see what gun policies exist.