Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: The Real Reason American Health Care Is So Expensive
Description: An exploration of the factors contributing to the high cost of health care in the United States.

Video 2: How Single-Payer Health Care Works, in 2 Minutes
Description: A brief explanation of the single-payer health-care model.

Video 3: Franklin Roosevelt’s Economic Bill of Rights
Description: This is FDR's proposed second Bill of Rights that was filmed after he delivered his State of the Union Address via radio on January 11, 1944.

Audio 1: The Downside of Planned Parenthood Leaving the Federal Title X Program
Description: NPR's Noel King interviews Dr. Sarah Traxler from Planned Parenthood about the organization’s loss of Title X funding.

Audio 2: JFK’s Remarks Upon Signing Community Health Act
Description: Mentioned in the feature “Reflection: Community Mental Health Act” on Page 211, this is a recording of John F. Kennedy’s remarks after signing this bill.

Web 1: The American Health-Care System Increases Income Inequality
Description: An exploration of studies showing that health-care costs contribute to economic inequality and the need for policies to address both together.

Web 2: State Border Splits Neighbors Into Medicaid Haves and Have-Nots
Description: An exploration of the effects of Medicaid expansion and a comparison between states.