Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: The Problem With Online Charter Schools
Description: An overview of the growth of online charter schools, their funding models, and research on student learning.

Audio 1: States Are Ratcheting Up Reading Expectations for 3rd-Graders
Description: Freelance journalist Alexandra Starr explores the spread of “mandatory retention" policies across the United States and their impact on students.

Web 1: Elementary Education Has Gone Terribly Wrong
Description: An exploration of how educational standards have changed since the 1970s and have not resulted in an improvement in student learning.

Web 2: School Money - The Cost of Opportunity
Description: A three-part series of podcasts and articles that explore the issues facing school funding in the United States.

Web 3: We Can Draw School Zones to Make Classrooms Less Segregated. This Is How Well Your District Does.
Description: An interactive tool that allows the user to see data on racial segregation in school districts across the United States.