Chapter Activities

Activity 1: Higher Education Opportunity Act  

Instruct students to find a nearby partner to work with. They should discuss whether the Higher Education Opportunity Act by the American Council on Education is “the single most important piece of legislation overseeing the relationship between the federal government, colleges, and universities and students.” Do they agree or disagree?

Next, have them list the programs covered by the act. They should pick two of these programs and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Partners will have 5 minutes to present their findings to the class.

Activity 2: Adjunct Faculty Debate  

Break up the class into two groups. The first group should speak in favor of having adjunct faculty to teach core courses, and the other group will speak against having adjunct faculty to teach core courses. Each group will have 10 minutes to put their materials together. Each group will then present their case to the class, with time for discussion between each group.

Activity 3: Race and Admissions Debate  

Have students read these two views on the use of race in admissions:

Break up the class into two groups and have each group debate one view.