Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Knapp’s Relationship Model

Description: This video illustrates Knapp and Vangelisti’s (2008) staircase model of relationship stages using a series of popular film clips. In what ways can you relate these stages to one of your interpersonal relationships? Do you agree or disagree with this typical 10-stage pattern in the relationship initialization and deterioration process? Why or why not?

Video 2: A Relationship in 5 Minutes

Description: Chapter 5 discusses the relationship development process and the turning points that occur in relationships. A couple discloses their thoughts about their relationship from beginning to end. What approach is best to illustrate their relationship, the staircase model, or the turning point approach?

Video 3: Stages of a Long-Distance Relationship

Description: In this video, the stages of a long-distance relationship are illustrated. Can you identify the “coming together” stages in Knapp and Vangelisti’s (2008) staircase model of relationships?

Video 4: Dialectical Theory

Description: The dialectical perspective includes several internal tensions that explain the tensions that pairs go through. In this video, several couples are interviewed about the various tensions in Baxter’s dialectical tensions. How does dialectical theory explain why couples experience tension?

Video 5: Interpersonal Communications Film “Marriage: Three Dialectical Tensions”

Description: In this video, Brendan Curran reviews the three dialectical tensions with a series of examples. What strategies can be used to deal with these dialectical tensions?

Audio 1: We Need 2 Talk: Most Teens Still Start, End Their Relationships Offline

Description: In this NPR podcast, a Pew Research Center study about how teens are developing and ending their relationships through social media is discussed. How does turning point theory relate to the results of this social networking site study?

Audio 2: How a Weekend at Transgender Camp Changed a Mother–Son Relationship

Description: Certain activities and special occasions can shift the quality of a relationship. In this NPR episode, a mother and son enhanced their relationship through attending a weekend at transgender camp. How can turning points enhance the quality of one’s relationships?

Audio 3: Navigating Life, and Relationships, After a Jail Sentence

Description: When someone goes to jail for a crime, this can be a major turning point in the relationships of this individual. In this NPR episode, Faison, a college student, spent 8 months in jail and he discusses how it affected his relationship with his uncle.

Web 1: 10 Stages of a Relationship From Hello to Goodbye

Description: This article from Live Bold and Bloom discusses the 10 stages of Knapp’s staircase model of relationships. Select a relationship that has previously ended and see if you can relate to each of the 10 stages.

Web 2: Building Relationships in Cultures That Don’t Do Small Talk

Description: Chapter 5 illustrates the developing of cross-cultural relationships. This Harvard Business Review article discusses strategies to build relationships with individuals in cultures that often do not engage in small talk.

Web 3: What Was Your Love Turning Point?

Description: Romantic relationships experience several turning points. In this She Knows blog, three women share the biggest turning points in their relationships.

Web 4: Relational Dialectics Theory Jeopardy Game

Description: Do you want to review concepts about relational dialectics theory? Test your understanding of RDT with this fun and engaging virtual Jeopardy! game.