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Video 1: Passion vs. Sex: Ensuring the Viability of Your Relationship--Laurie Betito--TEDxJacksonHole

Description: Chapter 9 illustrates that the most satisfying sex occurs in long-term relationships. In this TED talk, Laurie Betito discusses how to adjust one’s sexual desires over the length of a relationship. In this video, she shares that passion is possible to maintain throughout a relationship regardless of the frequency of sexual interaction. Do you agree or disagree with her arguments?

Video 2: Talking About Whether Friends With Benefits Can Work

Male’s perspective

Female’s perspective

Description: Do “friends with benefits” relationships work? Watch the perspective of both men and women on their views of whether “friends with benefits” relationships work. What is your perspective on this type of relationship?

Video 3: Parents Explain--The Birds and the Bees

Description: In Box 9.3 in the textbook chapter, parents are provided with tips on how to talk to their children about sex. In this video, parents try to explain the story of the “birds and the bees” to their children. How would you introduce this important topic to your children?

Video 4: The Future Evolution of Human Sexuality--Peter Tatchell--TedXOxbridge

Description: In this TED talk, Peter Tatchell discusses sexuality and culture, and the future evolution of human sexuality. How might one’s culture impact one’s tolerance of others’ differing sexual identities or orientations?

Video 5: When Fantasy Meets Reality: Sexual Communication in Relationships--Mike Anderson--TEDXUMKC

Description: Communicating about one’s sexual desires to one’s partner can be challenging. In this TED talk, Mike Anderson reveals some strategies for communicating one’s desires in relationships.

Audio 1: Hookup Culture: The Unspoken Rules of Sex on College Campuses

Description: The media often represents the hookup culture on college campuses. In this NPR podcast, the unspoken rules of sex on college campuses are discussed. What role does communication play in negotiating these unspoken rules?

Audio 2: ‘Girls & Sex’ and the Importance of Talking to Young Women About Pleasure

Description: In this NPR podcast, the author of Girls & Sex explains the importance of talking to girls about sex. She argues that pop culture often provides young women with mixed messages about physical intimacy and sex, which can put them at high risk for unwanted pregnancy.

Audio 3: Workplace Sexual Harassment: A Threat to Victims, A Quandary for Bystanders

Description: This NPR podcast discusses workplace sexual harassment. Interestingly, victims report how uncomfortable it is to report incidents of sexual harassment. Why do you think it is difficult to prevent sexual harassment at work? How can adopting assertive responses benefit victims and bystanders of sexual harassment?

Audio 4: Physiology and Pillow Talk

Description: In this Relationship Matters podcast, Dr. Amanda Denes talks about how individuals differ in testosterone and communication after engaging in sexual activity. Do you agree or disagree with her research findings?

Audio 5: Breathing New Life Into Your Sexual Relationship

Description: In this American Sexual Health Association podcast, Walker Thornton talks about how to spark your sex life and how to communicate to one’s romantic partner about sexual pleasure to enhance one’s relationship. Do you agree or disagree with her arguments?

Web 1: I Wanna Know

Description: Communicating to one’s parents and partners about sex can be an intimidating topic. Visit this website to learn about a variety of strategies to initiate these interactions, to learn how to practice safe sex.

Web 2: Seven Steps for Safe and Satisfying Sex

Description: Having unprotected sex can put individuals at risk for obtaining sexually transmitted infections. This article by the American Sexual Health Association provides seven steps for having safe and satisfying sex in relationships. Which of these steps would you recommend to a friend?

Web 3: Flirting Styles Inventory

Description: Box 9.3 in the textbook chapter highlights the different types of flirting styles in the courtship process. Visit this University of Kansas website to take Dr. Jeffrey Hall’s flirting style inventory to find out what your flirting style is. Given your previous flirting experiences, do you agree or disagree with this measure?

Web 4: Who Has the Best Sex?

Description: In this Psychology Today blog, several factors are illustrated that determine the frequency and the satisfaction of sex in relationships. What factor discussed in this blog article do you think is the most dominant factor in determining sexual satisfaction?

Web 5: Nine Essential Habits of Sexual Assertiveness

Description: Meg Selig discusses nine essential habits of sexual assertiveness in this Psychology Today blog article. Do men and women differ in sexual assertiveness? What strategies can women adopt to improve their sexual assertiveness before engaging in the resolution stage?