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Video 1: Male Jealousy Versus Female Jealousy

Description: In this video, Dr. Victoria Wilson, a clinical psychologist, distinguishes the different types of jealousy among men and women. From your perspective, as a male or a female, do you agree with her claims? Why or why not?

Video 2: When You’re Friend Jealous

Description: Chapter 13 discusses different types of jealousy including friend jealousy. This video illustrates jealousy that occurs in friendships. Have you ever encountered this type of jealousy? What are the negative outcomes of jealousy in friendships?

Video 3: Truth Telling in Relationships, Are We There Yet?

Descriptions: Why is it difficult to be genuinely honest in our relationships? Deception is a type of hurtful message that can lead to feelings of distrust in a relationship. Can individuals ever be truthful in their relationships despite infidelity?

Video 4: Ali and Andrew Part 1: Why Did You Cheat on Me?

Description: In this difficult conversation, Ali and Andrew have a discussion on the occurrence of infidelity in their relationship. What communication strategies do Ali and Andrew use in this difficult conversation?

Video 5: Online Love and Infidelity: We’re in the Game, What Are the Rules?--Michelle Drouin--TEDxNaperville

Description: Chapter 13 emphasizes infidelity in relationships. In this TED talk, Michelle Drouin discusses the issue of online infidelity in virtual relationships. What are the rules of what constitutes infidelity? Do you agree with her arguments? Why or why not?

Video 6: Cyber Infidelity: The New Seduction--Marlene Wasserman--TEDxCapeTown

Description: Marital and long-term relationships face the risk of cyber infidelity. Marlene Wasserman shares in her TED talk about the reasons why cyber infidelity occurs. Is the emotional infidelity that occurs in cyber infidelity still harmful to romantic relationships? Is it less harmful than sexual infidelity? What is your perspective on this infidelity issue?

Audio 1: Infidelity: Break Up or Make Up?

Description: After encountering infidelity in a relationship, couples must decide whether to continue their relationship or break up. In this NPR episode, infidelity is confronted to understand how couples could survive infidelity. Several infidelity stories are revealed in this episode. How does infidelity impact romantic relationships?

Audio 2: Smartphones Are Used to Stalk, Control Domestic Abuse Victims

Description: Obsessive relational intrusion includes stalking behaviors in relationships. In this NPR podcast, the reporter discusses how smartphones are used to control domestic abuse victims. Because smartphones have digital tracking systems, it enables partners to find the location of abused victims as a form of relational intrusion. What is your perspective on this issue? What can victims of obsessive relational intrusion do to protect themselves from harm?

Audio 2: Why Don’t Domestic Violence Victims Leave?

Description: Often times, couple violence leads to intimate terrorism or incidents of domestic violence. A common question is “why don’t domestic violence victims leave?” In this NPR podcast, this question is addressed.

Web 1: Talking About Hurtful Communication in the Family

Description: In this Communication Currents article, hurtful communication that occurs in the family is discussed. Hurtful communication that occurs in conversations between parents and their children often triggers emotions during difficult transitions in life.

Web 2: Social Media and Cheating Can Go Hand in Hand

Description: In this news article from the Star Tribune, Matt Lindner discusses research findings relating to the issue of social media infidelity. From your perspective, does social media play a role in infidelity in marital relationships? Why or why not?

Web 3: Sex Differences in Romantic Jealousy: Evolved or Illusory?

Description: Chapter 13 illustrates the different types of jealousy including romantic and sexual jealousy. In this Psychology Today article, sex differences are discussed. From an evolutionary perspective, men get more upset over sexual infidelity in comparison to women; however, a double-shot hypothesis suggests that both men and women get upset when engaging in both emotional and sexual infidelity. After reading this article’s findings, do you agree with the evolutionary hypothesis for infidelity or the double-shot hypothesis?

Web 4: Deception and the Destruction of Your Relationship

Description: After engaging in infidelity, couples often engage in deception to avoid getting caught in the act. In this Psych Alive article, extramarital sexual relationships are discussed. How does deception impact relationships?

Web 5: Six Ways to Get Past the Pain of Unrequited Love

Description: Getting over the pain of unrequited love can hurt. This Psychology Today article discusses six strategies to overcome the pain of unrequited love. What strategy would you recommend trying out if you were dealing with the pain of unrequited love?