Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: How Social Media Shapes Identity--Ulrike Schultze--TEDxSMU

Description: Chapter 2 focuses on the development of identity. In this presentation, Dr. Schultze addresses the following question: “How are social media shaping our identities?” After watching the video, reflect on the ways that social media shapes your identity.

Video 2: Defining, Expanding, and Embodying Your Identity--Amy Walker--TEDxPhoenixville

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Description: Chapter 2 focuses on how you communicate identity. Watch this 3-part series of defining, expanding, and embodying your identity. How do concepts of identity, perception, and self-esteem impact the process of reaching your identity potential?

Video 3: Identity--Short Film

Description: In chapter 2, you learned about self-presentation and identity. Watch the following award-winning short film on a young female’s identity issues, given her poor relationships at school. How can this young female manage her identity given the strategies offered by this chapter?

Audio 1: Millennials Rewrite the Census for a Better Sense of Selfie

Description: In this NPR podcast, millennials resist the Census characteristics reports about the “identity” of the millennial generation. Explore the different identities and pictures provided by the different millennials.

Audio 2: Juan Gabriel and the Tricky Conversation About Sexual Identity

Description: Individuals often struggle with their cultural and ethnic identity. Listen to this NPR podcast conversation about the sexual identity struggles of Juan Gabriel as a Mexican American musician.

Web 1: Diversity Toolkit: A Guide to Discussing Identity, Power, and Privilege

Description: Investigate the following activities and discussion questions with a classmate or with a friend to interrogate how diversity issues play a role in developing identity in social relationships.

Web 2: Tag, We’re It: How Facebook Reveals Information About Current (and Past) Relationships

Description: This article discusses that being tagged with our partners on Facebook influences our relational identity through self-expansion theory. When tagged with others, the “self” and the “partner” identities overlap, and as a result, you may perceive yourself becoming more similar to your partner. Would you agree or disagree with this finding?

Web 3: Discovering Who I Am: The Critical Role of Identity in Our Lives

Description: Chapter 2 illustrates the development of personal identity. In this blog, Eugene Beresin discusses the development of identity and how identity shapes our lives.

Web 4: Politeness Theory

Description: In chapter 2, you learned about politeness theory. Explore this website to learn more about politeness theory and the different face-threatening acts.