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Can You Repair a Relationship After an Affair?

Description: Can the hurt from an affair ever repair a relationship? In this video, Dr. Sue Johnson discusses her research on the affairs that occur in romantic relationships. What strategies does she discuss? From your viewpoint, can relationships be repaired after an affair? Why or why not?

On Healing and Forgiveness—Dolph Lundgren—TEDxFulbright Santa Monica

Description: After a transgression, it can be difficult to display forgiveness in our relationships. In this TED talk, Dolph Lundgren discusses the role of healing and forgiveness in relationships. What forgiveness strategies are the most effective?

Communicating Forgiveness

Description: In this lecture, Dr. Susan Ward discusses communication strategies to engage in the forgiveness process in close relationships. How does forgiveness impact nonviolence despite the feelings of anger and resentment?

The Power of Forgiveness

Description: This video shows the difficult process of forgiving one’s own father. The son provides explicit forgiveness using written communication to express forgiveness to his father. Why is it challenging to communicate forgiveness in relationships?

Research is Relational: From Principles to Practice in Reconciliation

Description: In this research presentation delivered at the UPEI Multidisciplinary Graduate Research Conference, Julie Bull discusses the research findings of the principles and the practice of reconciliation in relationships. What principles would you apply to reconcile a former relationship?

Bride and Prejudice: Chris and Lou Reconcile After a Major Fight

Description: After a major fight, Chris and Lou struggle with reconciling after this fight. However, after reading a letter, the couple gets back together. How can reconciliation after a fight strengthen romantic relationships?

The Key to Repairing Damaged Relationships

Description: Dr. Neha Sangwan provides advice on how to repair damaged relationships. Dr. Sangwan argues that forgiveness heals our relationships and ourselves. Do you agree with her “backpack” metaphor in relational forgiveness? Why or why not?

Our Story of Rape and Reconciliation—Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger—TED

Description: In this talk, both the offender and the victim of a sexual assault occurrence discuss forgiveness. What are the challenges of forgiving a romantic partner from a victim’s perspective and from an offender’s perspective? How is the forgiveness process relational?

Audio Links

Why Forgiveness is Essential to Every Relationship

Description: In this Art of Relationships Podcast, the essentials of forgiveness in relationships is discussed. From Chapter 14 you have learned that forgiveness can help heal the pain from hurt feelings. What forgiveness strategies are recommended in this podcast?

A Father’s Grief—And Forgiveness—In Orlando

Description: After the trauma of losing his daughter in the Pulse nightclub shootings in Orlando, FL, Daniel Alvear chose to forgive the gunman. In this NPR podcast, Alvear discusses the process of forgiving the killer of his daughter. How challenging can it be to forgive the “unforgivable”?

Web Links

What is Forgiveness?

Description: In this Greater Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life article, forgiveness is defined. What are some strategies to cultivate forgiveness in our relationships?

Caryl Rusbult: Research Project Descriptions

Description: In this Caryl Rusbult resource page, the investment model of relationship-maintaining behavior is illustrated. What are the antecedents and consequences of commitment and stability? How does the mutual cyclical growth explain prosocial behavior?

Forgiveness: The Secret to a Healthy Relationship

Description: An article by The Huffington Post reveals that forgiveness is the secret to a healthy relationship. Why is forgiveness in relationships difficult to achieve? What forgiveness strategies offered by the article would you implement?

Is Romantic Reconciliation Worth the Effort?

Description: In this Psychology Today article, on and off relationships are illustrated. What does it take to save a marriage? What strategies can long-term relationships adopt to reconcile their relationship?

Why Do Relationship Breakups Hurt So Much?

Description: According to an article by The Guardian, love is addictive and when one ends a relationship it can result in hurtful feelings. From a physiological perspective, breaking up leads to physical and physiological pain. Would you agree or disagree with Dean Burnett’s perspective on this article?