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Ruppel, E. K. (2015). Use of communication technologies in romantic relationships: Self-disclosure and the role of relationship development. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 32, 667–686. doi:10.1177/0265407514541075.

This article explains the various impacts of relationships through the lens of communication practices. The communication is then further examined through technologies. This includes voice; such as using the phone, face to face communication, and the Internet. Various studies of examples are cited throughout the article.

  1. Discuss how motivation is a factor in communication technologies (CT).
  2. Apply the concept of CT to an example of communication in a dating scenario.
  3. Discuss the impact of self-disclosure in a relationship.
  4. Examine how a relationship changes over time impacting communication.


Koudenburg, N.,. Postmes, T., & Ernestine T. G. (2017). Beyond content of conversation the role of conversational form in the emergence and regulation of social structure. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 21, 50–71. doi:10.1177/1088868315626022.

This article addresses the role of communication conversation styles and types of preferred modes of communication in various relational situations.

Communication and accommodation theory is addressed in the way people alter their various styles in different situations. The idea of ritual is discussed in terms of ways communication is negotiated based on past social norms and traditions.

  1. Discuss how social norms influence communication patterns.
  2. Explain how communication flow is impacted by our social structure and culture.
  3. Discuss the way conversation is directed by social structure.
  4. Discuss how commination is influenced by observing the behavior of others.