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Charles Berger on Uncertainty Reduction Theory

Description: In this interview, Dr. Charles Berger explains his insights on the value of uncertainty reduction theory. In what ways do you experience uncertainty about yourself or other people?

Expectancy Violations Theory

Description: In this lecture, expectancy violations theory is explained with several relevant examples. What positive or negative consequences can occur when violating someone’s expectations in a close relationship?

Text Me—An Award-Winning Short Love Story

Description: Modality switching explains how virtual couples can either get more or less close after meeting face-to-face. Watch this short love story about a virtual couple who, finally meet face-to-face. How does the couple deal with their uncertainty and the expectancy violation issues?

Personal Space: How Close is Too Close?

Description: How close is too close for comfort? View this CBS News story to find out what is perceived to be “too close” when it comes to personal space. How does Burgoon’s expectancy violations theory explain discomfort?

Legally Blonde Video Resume

Description: Chapter 4 discusses expectancy violations and uncertainty in specific contexts. In this Legally Blonde clip, Elle attempts to reduce uncertainty about her strengths by violating expectations. Was this strategy effective? Why or why not?

Twilight Biology Class Scene Edward’s Golden Eyes

Description: How do individuals reduce uncertainty about each other? In this Twilight scene, Edward and Bella use strategies to reduce their uncertainty and to deepen their relationship.

Audio Links

The Trust Engineers

Description: Listen to this Radiolab podcast about how Facebook helps its users reduce uncertainties in their relationships. What motivates the users to reduce uncertainty online?

Christine Hassler—Expectation Hangover

Description: Listen to this interview with Dr. Michelle Skeen on her book, “Expectation Hangover.” In this Relationships 2.0 Podcast, Dr. Michelle discusses her predictive, context, and prescriptive expectancies, given her personal and professional life choices.

Web Links

Uncertainty Reduction Theory

Description: This Gutenberg website illustrates the various axioms and theorems of uncertainty reduction theory in relationships. Explore the website to learn more about the applicability of uncertainty reduction theory.

“Clear for takeoff”: Turbulence in Romantic Relationships

Description: The relational turbulence model is discussed in Chapter 4. Read this Science of Relationships blog on a relational turbulence study that explains uncertainty in romantic relationships.

More than just friends? 7 Secret Tests of Attraction

Description: Chapter 4 introduces to seven secret tests that are used to reduce partner uncertainty. Read this article by the New Scientist to use the seven secret tests to find out if one of your close friends is more than just a friend.

Experiment with the Examples of Nonverbal Violations

Description: This Radford University website provides several norm violation exercises. Experiment and try out different forms of norm violations on with a friend, relative, or romantic partner. What was his or her reaction? What does this reaction indicate about the type of relationship that you have with this person?

Tips on Tolerating Uncertainty

Description: Uncertainty is uncomfortable, but can be tolerated. This PsyCentral article discusses tips for tolerating uncertainty in your relationships. Which of these tips correspond with the general strategies for reducing uncertainty in Chapter 4? How can you apply these tips to reduce your partner uncertainty?