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Byars-Winston, A. (2011). Broadening sources of dignity and affirmation in work and relationship. The Counseling Psychologist, 40, 255–267. doi:10.1177/0011000011429033

This article looks at Richardson’s work in response to dignity and affirmation in relationships. All relationships -- friendship, romantic, or other -- seek a form of dignity. The levels of love are examined from a high to a low affirmation priority. A feminist perspective is apparent; however, the article has relevancy for the concept of attachment and affirmation theory.

  1. How is affirmation manifested in a love relationship?
  2. Discuss the need to find fit in personal and public relationships.
  3. Explain the role of dignity in relationships that are private.
  4. Does group identity influence communication responsiveness in relationships?


Fehr, B., Harasymchuk, C., & Sprecher, S. (2014). Compassionate love in romantic relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 31, 575–600. doi:10.1177/0265407514533768

This article focuses on the difference between compassionate love, liking, and passionate love in relationships. The article also describes several love styles and agape love. The authors further examine the styles of behavior and communication in love, prosocial, quality, and stability in relationships. Underwood’s model is highlighted among that of other scholars who are seeking to measure compassionate and romantic love. Other theories are examined in the context of love always seeking for the “good” of the other.

  1. Discuss the idea of compassionate love in terms of style and behavior.
  2. Explain how prosocial communication is expressed in love relationships.
  3. How are the models different and similar?
  4. Discuss global love as a means of compassion.