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Video Links

How Social Media Shapes Identity—Ulrike Schultze—TEDxSMU

Description: Chapter 2 focuses on the development of identity. In this presentation, Dr. Schultze, addresses the following question: “how are social media shaping our identities?” After watching the video, reflect on the ways that social media shapes your identity.

Defining, Expanding, and Embodying Your Identity—Amy Walker—TEDxPhoenixville

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Description: Chapter 2 focuses on how you communicate identity. Watch this 3-part series of defining, expanding, and embodying your identity. How do concepts of identity, perception, and self-esteem impact the process of reaching your identity potential?

Identity—Short Film

Description: In chapter 2, you learned about self-presentation and identity. Watch the following award-winning short film on a young female’s identity issues, given her poor relationships at school. How can this young female manage her identity given the strategies offered by this chapter?

Audio Links

Family Secret and Cultural Identity Revealed in ‘Little White Lie’

Description: Culture plays a role in shaping our identities. Listen to the following NPR podcast of the “Little White Lie.” Think about how Lacey’s ‘white’ identity was challenged when she found out that she was African-American. How might her racial self-presentation shift after finding out this information?

Millennials Rewrite the Census for a Better Sense of Selfie

Description: In this NPR podcast, millennials resist the Census characteristics reports about the ‘identity’ of the millennial generation. Explore the different identities and pictures provided by the different millennials.

Juan Gabriel and the Tricky Conversation about Sexual Identity

Description: Individuals often struggle with their cultural and ethnic identity. Listen to this NPR podcast conversation about the sexual identity struggles of Juan Gabriel, as a Mexican-American musician.

Web Links

Diversity Toolkit: A Guide to Discussing Identity, Power and Privilege

Description: Investigate the following activities and discussion questions with a classmate or with a friend to interrogate how diversity issues play a role in developing identity in social relationships.

Tag, we’re it: How Facebook reveals information about current (and past) relationships

Description: This article discusses that being tagged with our partners on Facebook influences our relational identity through self-expansion theory. When tagged with others, the “self” and the “partner” identities overlap, and as a result, you may perceive yourself becoming more similar to your partner. Would you agree or disagree with this finding?

Discovering Who I Am: The Critical Role of Identity in Our Lives

Description: Chapter 2 illustrates the development of personal identity. In this blog, Eugene Beresin discusses the development of identity and how identity shapes our lives.

Politeness Theory

Description: In chapter 2, you learned about politeness theory. Explore this website to learn more about politeness theory and the different face-threatening acts.