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Stavora, O., & Ehlebracht, D. (2015). A longitudinal analysis of romantic relationship formation: The effect of prosocial behavior. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 6, 521–527.

This article examines the impact of romantic formation in a long term relationship. The changes and process of communication are examined in a prosocial framework. Behaviors are looked at from two different perspectives as the research continued for a period of years.

  1. How is prosocial behavior influenced by long term commitments?
  2. Explain the meaning of prosocial behavior.
  3. Discuss the stages of formation in a long term relationship.
  4. Discuss potential communication problems in romantic relationships over a period of time.


Kim, D., Yang, C., & Lee, J. (2013). equity sensitivity and gender differences. Indian Journal of Gender Studies, 20, 373–392.

This article deals with fair and equal treatment of people in all types of relationships. Friendship is explored as well as business, co-worker, and long-term romantic relationships. Hofstede’s cultural dimension is explored in terms of individual and collective cultures. Cultural values are examined in terms of equity in relationships.

  1. Discuss the idea of fairness in friendship and co-worker relationships.
  2. Explain the process for equity in long term relationships.
  3. Discuss the individual in a collective culture.
  4. Discuss the dimension of Hofstede’s values.