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Article 1

Citation: Fredette, C., Bradshaw, P., & Krause, H. (2016). From diversity to inclusion: A multimethod study of diverse governing groups. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly45(1_suppl), 28S-51S.

Abstract: This article explores the dynamics of diversity and inclusion in the context of boards of directors in the nonprofit sector. Our multimethod study builds on current diversity research by exploring social microprocesses of inclusion in diverse governing groups. We consider functional and social approaches to inclusion within boards and address the potential for more transformative inclusion. Our findings suggest significant opportunities for meaningful change by shifting focus from diversity to inclusive practices within diverse groups.

Article 2

Citation: Christophers, B. (2007, September 1). Ships in the night: Journeys in cultural imperialism and postcolonialism. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 10(3), 283–302.

Abstract: This article reflects on the fact that postcolonial studies and the critique of American cultural imperialism, despite addressing similar core themes, have developed largely in isolation from one another. It identifies four primary reasons for these separate evolutionary trajectories, relating in turn to when and where the respective critiques have taken shape, and to the different cultural geographies and cultural products that they have each examined. These explanations are important, I argue, to the degree that they help to suggest ways in which the two debates might begin to feed into and constructively inform one another. The second part of the essay maps out the potential contours of such a dialogue.