Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

Video Link 9.1: Effective Workplace Communication

Description: This collection of eleven TED Talks covers a variety of topics relevant to effective workplace communication.

Audio Resources

Audio Link 9.1: Diversity Challenges in the Workplace

Description: An NPR interview with a life coach and corporate trainer explores how diversity is an interpersonal phenomenon that challenges and shapes corporate culture.

Audio Link 9.2: And So We Meet, Again

Description: This NPR clip examines communication during workplace meetings. Why do we have so many meetings? Are they necessary?

Web Resources

Web Link 9.1: The Office Life: The Ridiculous Business Jargon Dictionary

Description: Your textbook emphasizes the importance of language and unique speech codes in fostering expectations and socializing people to the world of work. This website lists hundreds of words and phrases—many submitted by businesspeople—that are overused or misused in the world of business.

Web Link 9.2: Workplace Bullying Institute

Description: Workplace bullying is a form of employee-abusive communication. This website provides research on the scope of the problem, updates on policies to reduce the incidence of bullying, and advice on handling a workplace bully.