Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

Video Link 4.1: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Description: Social psychologist Amy Cuddy discusses the impacts of “power” posing in this TED Talk.

Video Link 4.2: How to read body language -- the eyes

Description: Although “reading” body language is a misconception of nonverbal communication, this video discusses the role of the eyes in assessing the body language of others.

Video Link 4.3: Nonverbal Communication: The Documentary

Description: A documentary exploring the world of nonverbal communication and its impact on the world today.

Audio Resources

Audio Link 4.1: Decoding Body Language

Description: Listen to this NPR feature about body language and the way it can “give us away.”

Web Resources

Web Link 4.1: Exploring Nonverbal Communication

Description: This website from the University of California Santa Cruz introduces various aspects of nonverbal communication through brief summaries and quiz questions—most questions are based on videos or audio clips.