Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

Video Link 5.1: What’s funny about diversity?

Description: In this video, a fifth-generation Chinese American describes the challenges of being both an Asian and American.

Video Link 5.2: Intercultural Communication Adventure With Little Pilot

Description: What makes for good intercultural communication? What is cross-cultural awareness? Why are diversity issues important? Little Pilot reminds us to discover the answers as he navigates the globe in his cultural cockpit with the help of a diversity dashboard.

Video Link 5.3: Cross cultural communication

Description: In this talk from a TEDx event, Pellegrino Riccardi discusses how cultures can peacefully coexist and interact.

Video Link 5.4: Citizenship and Language

Description: This PBS documentary series examines the experiences of Germans from Russia who immigrated to the United States—their struggles to adapt to a new country and new language, as well as the misconceptions that Americans have about Germans from Russia.

Web Resources

Web Link 5.1: Live Science

Description: Website on the different ways in which two cultures decode faces and nonverbal cues. Of course, we cannot “read” something that does not use words as symbols, but this website provides some information about cultural differences in interpreting nonverbal symbols.