Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

Video Link 10.1: Growing Up Online

Description: A Frontline documentary exploring how the Internet is transforming childhood.

Video Link 10.2: Centel 1989 Cell Phone Advertisement.

Description: This is listed throughout the Internet as the first cell phone ad. Notice the lifestyle being displayed by the people using the phone in the commercial. Also, notice the size of the cell phone.

Video Link 10.3: Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Communication

Description: A nontechnical explanation of the difference between synchronous and asynchronous communication aimed at teachers and students. Note that this video is not about the way these terms are used in electrical engineering! It’s about how these terms are used the context of online courses.

Audio Resources

Audio Link 10.1: Will the iPod, BlackBerry Rewrite History?

Description: Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, discusses the way that relational technologies are changing our human experience in this NPR special.

Web Resources

Web Link 10.1: iPods knock over beer mugs

Description: This USA Today article covers the top “in” things to do at universities according to Student Monitor’s 2006 study. This study revealed that iPods ranked above beer as the “in” thing to do or have at the university.

Web Link 10.2: Exploring the Immersive Parasocial: Is it You or the Thought of You?

Description: This article from JOLT (“Journal of Online Learning and Teaching”) covers parasocial relationships, persistent virtual space, human-embodied avatar, social presence, virtual relationships and more and can be useful to students in online classes.