Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

Video Link 1.1: The Human Body as Communication Medium

Description: New technology brings new meaning to what we think of as a medium for communication and what our bodies may be capable of communicating in future face-to-face interactions, as well as with electronic devices we use every day.

Video Link 1.2: Presentational and Representational Communication

Description: This clip from Friends illustrates how communication can be both representational and presentational.

Web Resources

Web Link 1.1: Exploring Language: NPR

Description: This website provides an interesting historical perspective on human language research. According to the site, “For centuries, scholars and thinkers have tried to unravel the nature of human language. Our understanding of language has grown immensely, especially in the past 50 years. But there are still huge gaps in our knowledge. Here, a timeline of how experts from fields as diverse as anthropology, neuroscience, genetics, psychology, evolutionary biology, linguistics and artificial intelligence have shaped our thinking about language.”

Web Link 1.2: National Center for Learning Disabilities

Description: This website is a useful source of information about the problems that have to be dealt with by someone who is dyslexic and does not see symbols in the same ways other people see them. It makes many points that are supportive of our analysis in the book concerning the context (“frame”) and the way in which it influences your understanding of what is communicated.