Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

Video Link App A.1: An Overview of the Historical Process [History/Historiography Series]
Description: What is history? History is an interpretation of the past and integrates knowledge from multiple disciplines. See and hear how history is viewed and the steps involved in writing history.

Video Link App A.2: Hegemony, The Celebrity and America 
Description: Hegemony is discussed using and celebrities to critique how America’s fascination with videos and celebrity reinforces the values of the dominant segments of society.

Video Link App A.3: Grounded Theory
Description: Grounded theory is explored in this video. Grounded theory is a method employed by interpretive scholars that suggests collecting data and arriving at conclusions rather than seeking data that will support a prior assumption. The appropriate methods for data collection are also included.

Web Resources

Web Link App A.1: A Historical Perspective on Communication
Description: The National Communication Association offers their brief, historical perspective on the discipline of communication—from the ancient Greeks to present day.

Web Link App A.2: Writing on History
Description: According to this website, historiography is the history of history. The site provides insights into the writing of history and offers a link to a tutorial on how to write history. There are also links to issues such as plagiarism and critical reading.

Web Link App A.3: What Is Ethnography? 
Description: This website provides a brief treatment of ethnography and the non-quantitative nature of the method. The site offers information about the nature of participant observation. Also in the discussion is the relationship between the researcher and the participant.