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Video Resources

Video Link 7.1: Groundhog Day

Description: In this scene from Groundhog Day, Bill Murray finds out Andie McDowell’s preferences for men. Later in the film, as Groundhog Day comes around again and again, he uses this information to become like her perfect man. If only life were that simple.

Video Link 7.2: Dr. Greg Cason

Description: This video comprises an interview with psychologist Dr. Greg Cason, who explains what to do and what not to do when breaking up with someone. Seven tips for the one doing the breakup and seven more for the one who is the unfortunate recipient.

Video Link 7.3: Talks that just might save your relationship

Description: This playlist of 8 TED Talks examine various aspects of interpersonal relationships ranging from infidelity to conflict to what makes long-term relationships successful.

Web Resources

Web Link 7.1: How Getting Out Of Sync Can Help Relationships

Description: This NPR article by Michigan State University psychology professor Christopher J. Hopwood examines “noncomplementary behavior” in interpersonal relationships.

Web Link 7.2: Interpersonal Communication Skills Test

Description: This website from Psychology Today presents a test designed to assess your interpersonal communication skills. Where do you score? Do you think this is accurate?