Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

Video Link 12.1: How to Write a Speech: Speech Thesis.

Description: The thesis of a speech is the most important element. It is the main idea of the entire presentation. Write a thesis statement with tips from a public speaking professor in this video on communication.

Video Link 12.2: How to Do Oral Citations in Speeches.

Description: This video provides instructions for giving oral citations in speeches, describing requirements, examples, and some methods to avoid. It defines plagiarism and tells how citations avoid that problem.

Web Resources

Web Link 12.1: Toastmasters - Preparing a Speech.

Description: This website from Toastmasters International includes tips and hints for preparing a presentation. How many of these tips correspond with the textbook material?

Web Link 12.2: Before Public Speaking....

Description: This TEDtalks playlist includes talks intended to prepare you to give a presentation. Topics include stage fright, statistics, and body language, among other topics.

Web Link 12.3: Analyzing Your Audience.”

Description: On this community college website, you will find an audience analysis questionnaire for an informative presentation on weather and meteorology. Read over the questionnaire. How could you alter it to gather information about a variety of other potential audiences or other topics (for a presentation to inform)? For example, you might alter the questionnaire to learn more about in-bound people who live at a residential care facility where you might speak on the Affordable Care Act. Or, you might adjust the questionnaire for a presentation at the local food bank where you will speak on the issue of reduced food donations, if you do not know much about the scheduled audience.