Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

Video Link 6.1: Taking Better Lecture Notes

Description: Most students still take some lecture classes on campus. Some students are adept at listening AND taking notes for greater success in understanding and on tests. This video can help everyone to become better listeners and note takers.

Audio Resources

Audio Link 6.1: The Act of Listening

Description: This TED Radio Hour program from NPR discusses the act of listening. The speakers examine the role of listening in our interpersonal relationships.

Web Resources

Web Link 6.1: International Listening Association

Description: The International Listening Association is a professional organization whose members are dedicated to learning more about the impact that listening has on all human activity. The International Listening Association promotes the study, development, and teaching of listening and the practice of effective listening skills and techniques. The association holds an annual convention and publishes an international journal as well as several books and educational and training resources. Check out some of the tests and assessments that explain how listening skills are evaluated in a variety of fields and disciplines.

Web Link 6.2: Skillswise

Description: Check your listening skills with some fun games and exercises offered at this site.

Web Link 6.3: University of Toronto, Scarborough/Academic Listening Skills

Description: This website offers a brief description of skills and tips that can help improve a student’s academic listening skills and comprehension in lecture classes.