Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

Video Link 13.1: Organizational Speech Patterns

Description: This eHow video examines various ways to organize your presentations. Consider how this relates to the organizational patterns discussed in the textbook.

Video Link 13.2: How to Write a Speech: Speech Attention Getter

Description: The attention-getter in a great presentation is the first statement to reel in the audience. Discover attention-getter options with tips from a public speaking professor in this video on attention-getters.

Video Link 13.3: Transition Your Way to a Knockout Presentation

Description: This video provides a brief but effective treatment of transitions in presentations.

Web Resources

Web Link 13.1: Write-out-loud.

Description: This site has ideas for games that involve public speaking.

Web Link 13.2: Planning an Effective Presentation

Description: This University of Leicester website includes valuable information on all parts of developing a presentation. How might you use this knowledge to create the best possible presentation?

Web Link 13.3: Introductions and Conclusions

Description: This website from Hamilton University includes a variety of tips for developing the introduction and conclusion for your presentation.